Charity Quilts

Every year, the Quilters create a quilt for charity to be raffled at the Islay Show in August. To date we have raised over £14,000 for local causes!

In the run up to the show each year, tickets are available for just £1 from The Shop in Islay House Square, from members, or on Show Day itself. It’s a fantastic opportunity to own a piece of Islay history, as well as raise money for local causes!

2017 Charity Quilt
2017 Charity Quilt

The Idea

When the Islay Quilters were formed, one of the ideas that seemed to be in everyone’s mind, apart from learning new techniques and having fun, was to make a quilt each year to raffle for a local charity.  This is now something that we have done every year (except 1997), raising very welcome and useful sums of money to help local Islay and Jura charities.

The pattern for the charity quilt is chosen by all the members of the group and is always a majority decision.  Group members bring along a pattern they like and they are laid on the table for discussion.  Over the years we have tried many different types of patterns, ranging from hand-pieced tradition to machine-pieced contemporary.  We all have our own personal favourites!

Below shows the list of recipients of money we have raised for Islay and Jura causes

1993 IDEAs £350
1994 Comman Nam Parent £100 & Resusci Annie £100
1995 Islay Hospital Radio £20, Marie Curie Nurses – Islay/Jura £200
1996 Islay Hospital Radio £100, Arts Association £100, Marie Curie Nurses – Islay/Jura £50, Gortanvogie £50, Islay Museum £50
1998 MacMillan Nurses – Islay/Jura £150 & Marie Curie Nurses – Islay/Jura £150
1999 Islay Hospital Infusion Pump £500
2000 Isle of Jura Residential Care Home £400
2001 Rhinns Playgroup Association £400
2002 Islay High School Trip – Costa Rica £500
2003 Bowmore Boys Club £400 & Port Ellen Cyber Café £400
2004 Islay High School Trip – Ecuador £400 & Islay And Jura Advice Centre £400
2005 Rhinns Youth Group £400 & Swimming Pool Association £400
2006 Islay & Jura Sick Children’s Fund £350, Islay High School Overseas Project £350
2007 Isle of Jura Residential Care Home £100, Islay and Jura Primary Schools £500
2008 Scottish Ambulance Service – Islay £500
2009 Gortanvogie £500
2010 Islay & Jura Sick Children’s Fund £500
2011 Swimming Pool £400 
2012 Islay Junior Gaelic Choirs £600 
2013 Gortanvogie £400
2014 Girlguiding Islay and Jura £400
2015 Islay Boys Football Club £400
2016 Sandpiper Trust £1200
2017 Islay Scouts and the Ella Edgar Dancers
2018 Community Bus fund. £1500
2019 Pre 5 units on Islay and Jura: Keills, Bowmore, Bhoga Frois, Port Ellen, Port Charlotte and Small Isles. £150 each, total of £900.00

To find out how to enter this year’s competition, and see the challanges, head to our blog post 2020 Competition Details