In the Beginning…

The Islay Quilters was formed after a very well attended patchwork and quilting demonstration organised by Islay Arts Association.

The two speakers were Kay Cruden and Audrey MacDougal from Calico Threads in Dunoon.  Their enthusiasm about their subject was so great it inspired a group of ladies to get together to form their own quilting group.  The very first meeting, organised by Sally Taylor, was held on 16 January 1992, in the Harbour Inn, Bowmore.

Approximately 24 people came to the first meeting.  It was agreed that there were to be three main aims of the group:

  • To generate an interest in quilting and associated needlework by pooling ideas, experience and resources.
  • To make quilts as a group to raise money for various charities, as well as making our own individual items.
  • To enjoy ourselves.

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Although the numbers of the group have varied, due to members leaving the island and new members joining, the group has now over 30 members.  The aims are still met; the third one especially!

If you are visiting Islay, bring your ideas with you and come along to our workshop for a cup of tea and a chat.  We welcome the opportunity to meet fellow quilters and exchange ideas.